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How to Avoid Weight Gain When Taking Antidepressant Medication
No need to worry about weight gain if you are starting a psych medication, just plan to enroll in a formal weight control program to address this concern, according to a new study.
7 Effective Ways to Achieve Healthier, Clean Eating
Researchers have identified eating nudges—ways to approach foods and meal planning—that will guide you to lowering your calorie intake while maintaining the pleasure.
Eating clean and managing weight can be done by maintaining pleasure in your food choices with smaller portions and having good ingredients always ready to pull together a meal easily.
What Does Obesity Mean for Your Health—Heart, Thyroid, Diabetes?
Adults in the US do not understand the negative effects of overweight and obesity, which increase the chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, even cancer. Even dropping 10 pounds can improve health.
5 Ways to Tame Your Food Cravings to Avoid the Inevitable Weight Gain
Weight Gain for Some: Chalk it Up to Cravings that Can Be Tamed. Experts offer 5 tips to help you avoid future food binges.
Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?
Researchers identified certain behaviors that suggest better weight loss results, which may help inform people with obesity about how well they might do after bariatric surgery.
6 Ways to Enjoy Eating During the Holidays
'Tis the season—Three experts offer strategies to help you maintain a healthy outlook and still eat without facing serious weight gain, raising your cholesterol, or stressing your diabetes, in the year ahead.
Three experts show you how to maintain a healthy outlook and still eat without facing serious weight gain over the holidays and when facing special occasions.
Do Weight Loss Pills, Powders, Products Really Work? Don't Bet on It
Weight loss products, powders, and highly advertised programs are more likely to land you in the ER than help you lose body weight and improve your health. Don't bother.
How Bad Is Sugar? Even the Earliest Exposure Should Be Avoided
Added sugars and artificial sweeteners negative impact health and development from the moment of conception on, so skip the sweetened beverages, juices, and sugary foods for your kid's long-term health.
Dietary Supplements: What's Best for Weight Loss, Diabetes, and Thyroid Disease
You want to take a dietary supplement for weight loss, diabetes, or thyroid disease? Here's what you need to know to avoid harm and recognize when the promises may not be worth the effort or expense.
Regaining Weight? Blame Take-Out Foods, and Possibly the Packaging
A group of environmental chemicals, PFAS, may cause weight regain, particularly in women. PFAs are found in takeout food packaging, nonstick cookware, and some carpeting.
Best Diet for Weight Loss, Your Choice: Low Carb vs Low Fat
Low fat and Low Carb Diets achieve the same amount of weight loss, just pick one, experts say, and neither insulin resistance nor genetics makes any difference.
Can Green Tea or Garlic Prevent Diabetes, Prediabetes?
Extracts of green tea and aged garlic may offer some benefits to individuals who have diabetes or who are at risk for the disorder.
12 Weeks on a Strict Liquid Diet Program Reverses Diabetes
People who follow a limited calorie liquid meal replacement program for 12 weeks can reverse the diabetes, and stop the diabetes-related meds.
Why Your Fat Cells May Not Love Breakfast
What's in your bowl at breakfast can increase the amount of sugar your fat cells take up, depending upon whether you are at a healthy weight or are overweight.
Intragastric Balloon Deaths: What the FDA Wants You to Know
The recent FDA alert about deaths related to the intragastric balloons for weight loss has triggered concern and questions. This update outlines which balloon systems are associated with the recall, and what to do if you already have one inserted. 
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