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Jessica Rodriguez CNP

Certified Nurse Practitioner
Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Rodriguez CNP is a member of the EndocrineWeb Editorial Board.

About Jessica Rodriguez CNP

Certified nurse practitioner specializing in gerontology and primary care based in Los Angeles, California.

Articles Reviewed by Jessica Rodriguez CNP

VA Studies Barriers to Receiving Hormone Therapy for Transgender Veterans
Veterans Affairs studies access to treatment for transgender veterans.
What Type of Exercise Is Best for Reducing Obesity?
What type of exercise is most effective for obesity? Experts share tips on obesity-friendly workouts and safety concerns to be aware of.
Telemedicine and COVID-19: One Year Later
With relaxed restrictions on telemedicine, thousands of doctors are jumping on board. What to know, where to get help, and how to reassure your patients.
How Endocrinologists Can Better Support Patients' Mental Health
Symptoms of many endocrine disorders affect mental health
Endocrine Society Condemns Efforts to Block Access to Medical Care for Transgender Youth
The state of transgender health care: policy, law and medical frameworks.
What Is T4 (Thyroxine)?
T4 is found in the body in two forms: free and bound T4. Experts discuss what happens when your T4 is too high or low and how to treat T4 imbalances.
The Specialist: Thyroid Disorders and Heart Health
09/19/2021 - For Dr. Sarah Akhunji, learning that she had a thyroid condition led to an enhanced focus on her heart health and wellness, as well as a deeper connection with her patients.
What Is T3?
How to fix high reverse t3.
Estimating A1C Levels from CGM Data
Report of a recent study establishing how GMI can be used to track hypoglycemic events in patients with continuous glucose monitors.
Can Yoga Prevent Diabetes?
Ongoing research shows that yoga can be beneficial in managing type 2 diabetes.

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