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The Bariatric Diaries
How Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery changes your life.
More or Less: Diabetes
It's all about improving the ratio of how much food you eat that will help keep your diabetes in check, and relegating foods that can cause blood sugar spikes to smaller amounts and special occasions.
The Hormone Whisperer
All of your medical questions answered.
Cinnamon a Supplement for Prediabetes?
The spice lowered blood glucose in patients who were not on any other medication in a recent study
Why You Should Be Looking for Diabetic Retinopathy
Catching signs of diabetic retinopathy early can prevent the need for costly procedures later on.
Why Won't BMI Die?
10/20/2020 -
How to Get a Flu Shot Now
11/03/2020 - Where and when to get the flu vaccine
Everything You Need to Know About the NP Thyroid Medication Recall
10/05/2020 - The new NP Thyroid medication recall is the second recall of the thyroid medication by Acella this year
Thyroid Hair Loss Help
11/03/2020 - How to stop hair loss due to thyroid conditions
Why Climate Change Is Different for People With Diabetes
How can patients keep insulin refrigerated when fleeing a fire?

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