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Adriana Velez is a food and health writer and a certified health coach and menopause educator. Her work has been featured in Prevention, Elemental, GEN, Bon Appetit, and Lifehacker

Articles Written by Adriana Velez

It's Not Unhealthy Behavior. It's Systemic Racism.
07/10/2020 - Even when we account for other factors that people tend to use to blame people of color for their poor health outcomes, such as lifestyle factors, socio-economic status, and other health issues such as diabetes and obesity, the discrepancy in COVID-19 cases and deaths still exists based on race alone.
What Are Menopause and Perimenopause?
Menopause marks the end of a menstrual cycle. Read about common signs and treatments to act on here.
Menopause Is Different for Women of Color
Black and Latina women enter menopause earlier and experience more severe symptoms. But why?
It's Complicated: The Relationship Between Your Heart and Hormones
Your hormones play a complex role in your cardiovascular health.
Telemedicine in the Age of COVID-19 Dos and Don'ts
Everything you need to know to manage your care from home.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cannabis and Menopause
How it works, what to avoid, and where to legally acquire it.
Why Alcohol Affects Women More in Menopause
It may be time to re-think drinking through menopause. What you need to know about alcohol and the midlife transition.

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