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Super High Reverse T3?

From: fyrefox_01 - 2 years 23 weeks ago

Hi everyone :-)
So I’m new. History; Fibromyalgia diag. Hypo lifetime. useless Synthroid for 12 years- did nothing. Changed to Armor for 2 years- lost 30lbs over 3 months and had energy and felt great- no side effects at 4 pills daily. Pain and exhaustion were very very low! So happy! Depression and anxiety faded away!
Then- all of a sudden-after about 18-20 months- I started gaining a lot of weight fast. No change in diet! Actually ate better trying to not to gain...
Sept: Got blood work from GP. Super high abnormal RT3. Highish reg T3, normal T4 and suppressed TSH at .01
Negative Hashimotos antibodies. Normal ferritin and phosphorus. Low D (seems normal for Fibromyalgia people) low normal B12.
Stopped all thyroid meds to have a break. No Synthroid no Armor no supplements.
FEB 18: Retest 6 months later; STILL super high Reverse T3?!! normal T3, normal T4. 3 TSH. Feel like CRAP. Went back on Armor and not working at all. Typical exhaustion, sick feeling and defeated. Depression crept up again.
What the heck is going on?! My GP is perplexed and sending me to the teaching hospital because her regular endo looked at my labs and said just to go to the university.
Ideas? I’m worried this endo will blow off the RT3 like my last GP. Why does this have to be so hard to feel healthy.. ugh.
Thank you.

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Is this good advice?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong area- no idea what to go under anyway lol

Is this good advice?

Hi fyrefox_01,

I'm so sorry you're dealing with these symptoms. I'd love to help if you are looking for a more functional and holistic approach. Traditional docs just aren't trained to view specific conditions in the same way as an alternative practitioner. With your diagnosis of fibro alone, your body is likely having some autoimmune issues to say the least. There are dietary and lifestyle changes you'll need to make to start putting your conditions into remission. There are also hormone conversions that take place in the liver, so detoxification there is a must. Please reach out to me if you'd like health consulting to eliminate your symptoms and figure out what is going on! The high RT3 should be dealth with and not blown off. You can reach me at or 302-307-2701.