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Persistent Symptoms have left me feeling hopeless

From: wwilson - 3 years 6 weeks ago

Hello, My name is Warren, I'm 18 years old and also a Nursing student. I've had very consistent, difficult to describe, stomach "pressure, tenderness," almost feels like a lump (No pain just discomfort, feels like something is there or enlarged) sometimes nausea which is becoming more common, that is synchronous to back pain which is now starting to affect my posture with a tight muscle pain. The Stomach "Sensation" is located in my Upper left side, it is right under my diaphragm from about the middle of my stomach going around my side to the back pain which is directly dorsal or anterior to the stomach sensation. (Please read all the way through to respond )

I briefly wanna describe my life and the other symptoms that have been going on including chronic fatigue which is really my main point of this post.
Start about 2 years ago, I started to notice this pressure, pushing, tender feeling, which at first I thought felt like a tumor or mass. I went to my GP and they referred my to get an ultra sound, the GP could not feel any thing in my abdomen and Ultra-Sound results were inconclusive and showed no signs or a mass. I also had, basic, blood panels which showed all good standings. My blood pressure was a little high, but it always has been but has never really been looked into. So basically with no answers for stomach, back and fatigue/loss of energy, I was diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux basically, which to me completely didn't make sense. Anyways, even with the GERD medication, which I stopped taking because I never had that issue, the feelings were still persistent, chronic fatigue would keep worsening, I started to notice a lack in motivation, depression/anxiety, insomnia. A little over a year after the feeling in my stomach, I start noticing Heart Palpitations, irregular heart rate/Extra Inconsistent Pace. I started noticing it around this time and it would make my heart race, especially during hockey ( Been an athletic AAA hockey player all my life) where it would make me lightheaded and anxious about playing. One day after the gym I was home around 8pm, when I went to brush my teeth, I Suddenly got very light headed and dizzy, then fainted and smacked my head on the bathtub. Luckily my girlfriend was there and I woke up about 10 seconds after the Fainting. This was the first and hopefully still the only time that has happened thought stupidly I did not go to the hospital that night.A few days later, I went in to a Cardiologist Specialist where I under went Ultra Sounds and multiple EKGs, 28 Day Portable EKG (Holter Montior) and stress tests and I was diagnosed with Premature Ventricular Complex (PVC, Irregular Heartbeat) and the fainting was diagnosed as a benign Vasalvagal Syncope.

Since this time i have grown extremely fatigued, the stomach feels more bloated and tender and pressure but still no "pain" and back pain has also been persistent and intense at times. The heart issue seemed to be more of a Psychosomatic issue or related to stress and anxiety but is still there with a pressure, tightness of the chest which comes and goes. Most recently I've had bad insomnia again a long with Erectile dysfunction which I've had for a while but now its constant.!!! Im 18 and Ive had all of these weird and very discouraging changes and issues come about in the past 2 years and I have no clue why. Lack of energy, fatigue, weakness, ED are the worst, if I didn't feel like sh** I could deal with other stuff, I have a high pain tolerance and have never had issues or felt bad like this before it effects my day to day life and emotions. Im a college student, been in college since 10th grade, I also own a business, I have a lot of big plans and stuff and lately I feel overwhelmed and stressed because I don't have energy or the "will power" to push my self anymore.

Long story short, I have a busy life, a lot going on which most doctors seem to think is the "main" issue. Ive done the meditation, the therapy, the Seratonin (LexaPro 10mg SSRI). Ive been a very smart, strong kid all my life, I have good control over myself and am very aware, I knew from the begging something else was going on it feels "visceral" or like involving an organ. My life , behavior, perspective,habits etc have all changed drasrtically and its killing me. I have even been eating a ton of food at night lately and stress eating or something to help with the insomnia because it helps me sleep. I wake up every day trying to learn the medical field, (Hoping to become a CRNA OR PA) work with my business or even hang with friends and family but im always tired, out of energy and feel sore like im 60! In my opinion it seems like a hormonal issue but I really have no clue, although I have a very loving family no one seems to understand how different and hard it can be to deal with all of this, lol if anyone can help with the mess written above, it would be greatly appreciated. A side note to consider, I've been very athletic, and healthy my whole life, even now I drink tons of water no pop, no juices, just coffee and water and try to eat healthy but I have a decent amount of lower belly fat that really has just never gone away and my weight will flucuate very easily but I won't really ever notice results (just thought about this )

P.S. I went to the DRs. Yesterday for basically everything and he said "to deal with one thing at a time" because theres so much, which I get, but I did more blood work which was good and im waiting on TSH and T4 levels, which I've never had taken.

6'0 ft, 190 Pounds, Average Build

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Id also like to say that recently I have been having Urinary issues of frequent urination (possibly because I drink a lot of fluids mainly water) but also I have been having "leakage" and the feeling that I haven't emptied fully. No pain or burning. Urine dipstick did not find UTI, no STDs. This has also been accompanied by side pain near kidneys. This has been recently and seems unrelated but I wonder if something underlying could be causing it or the erectile dysfunction.

Is this good advice?

Hi Warren,

Wow - you are dealing with a lot! I'd love to help you make sense of this. First off, the dizziness and fatigue sound a lot like adrenal dysfunction. You are absolutely correct that these symptoms mirror a hormonal imbalance. We need to address your adrenals, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and aldosterone. Luckily, you can address these without a million herbs or supplements. There are also specific dietary changes I'd recommend as well. Have you done a good intestinal cleanse or therapies to balance the microbiome? This is crucial, because in most scenarios, including yours, chronic symptoms are a result of a toxin(s) or infection. I would suspect this for you as well. If you'd like help with health consulting, please reach out to me at or (302) 307-2701.