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Adrenal Adenoma tests??

From: chowton - 30 weeks 6 days ago

Hi. 29 year old female, pretty healthy. I do take a low dose thyroid medicine that I have taken for 10 years.

Recently, I have been exhausted - and I'm a fairly active, happy person. I was having fullness (even some days not eating at all and still feeling so full). My doctor did an abdominal MRI and found a tumor on my adrenal gland.

DHEA-sulfate was low (75). She said no big deal.
Cortisol stimulation test baseline 20 (normal), 30 minutes after medicine 23 (my understanding should be at least 7 over the baseline of 20), 60 minutes after medicine 26 (my understanding should be at least 18 over the baseline of 20). Again, she said no big deal.

Does anyone have experience with this? I am so freaking tired - like in my bones exhausted. There's a tumor in there and the results don't seem normal based on lab "expected results." I feel like she should take this more seriously or at least explain why she thinks they're normal when they aren't...

Grasping at straws here but thought I'd give this a shot. Thanks for any advice!

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