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back again

From: Button - 11 years 1 week ago

In 1989 I was diagnosed with hyperthroidism. i took radio active iodine treatement and it was told that the thyroid was destroyed.i was put on thyroid meds and have been takin them since 1990, with the dosages being adjusted as mu endocrine doctor does the uptakes and make the needed changes. i have suffered all of the things that goes alone with the dreaded condition. i have had both of my eyes operated on, suffered depression, gained or lost weigh, form the meds all of my hair falling out, jointd and body aches you would not believe.did i mention I also had a goiter in 1989. it is 2010 and the darn thing is BACK. I have a goiter, and all of the symptoms I had in 1989. I guess my question then would be- How if the thyroid was suppose to be destroyed twenty two years ago did this dreaded thing come back. I have another goiter, i feel like waste. i hurt all over. my doctor put me on methimazole in july. i had labs taken in september and my counts are still high. My TSH was 278, he said it was suppose to be around 180. My T3 was also way high, i think it was around six something but my t2 was real low. What is a girl suppose to do?

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