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Endo in Illinois/Indiana

From: ktlu1320 - 3 years 14 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with a goiter about 15 years ago. Small, non-toxic and multinodular. I was still fairly young at the time and my Doc didn't recommend replacement therapy because it was so small. About 7 years ago, I convinced him to test my antibodies. My sister was diagnosed with Hashimotos a few years prior to that. My antibodies were off the charts. He didn't recommend therapy at this time as it would put me at risk for a fib. ????? I didn't push back. I was not able to conceive (my sister had 3 children via In Vitro and her 4th was conceived naturally not long after starting replacement therapy). Other symptoms have progressed over the years. I am now getting rashes on my chest and across my back/shoulders when stress levels are up. Fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, etc. Anyone in Illinois/Indiana have an Endo they can recommend that has experience in treating Hashimotos? My sister swears she is a different person now that she is being treated. I just want to feel better and have some motivation to enjoy life.
Thanks in advance for any input. I live in far south suburbs of Chicago. Willing to travel some for the right doctor/treatment.

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