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Thyroid hormone

From: Nothyroidgland - 2 years 24 weeks ago

I have had my thyroid removed some years ago , heart bypass x 4, and prostatectomy before that. Earlier I had chronic fatigue, depression, and went through very severe stress over a lot of years. I’m 77 and now doing really well. I got into Keto last year and lost 17kg. My main issue is balancing my thyroid levels which I feel aren’t right because I’m having a lot of trouble with cramping and spasms of leg muscles mostly as well as twitching elsewhere. I was left with some bladder problems after radiation and sometimes I’m up 6 times a night. My doctor has dropped my thyroxine down to 100 solely by T-SHIRT levels and the spasms are getting worse. I supplement with Magnesium, Vit B complex, K2+B1, Curcumin and Electrolytes. There’s been an increase in heart rate and palpitations over past months as my thyroxine has been reduced. I live in a small country town and my GP doesn’t think testing T3 and T4 is warranted so I went to a GP in a Regional town and they took it today. Very few doctors around here understand about Keto so I get myself educated on YouTube. I’d really like to have more input from people who know about the Keto diet as well as the medical.

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