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Gravies Disease Advice

From: amro_madany@ema... - 5 years 10 weeks ago

Five months ago I suffered some high blood pressure and bit fatigue, my test results was:
-TSH 0.005 , Free T3 3.2, Free T4 1.27, Ab 42.6, Anti TPO 150
- Neck Altra sound : thyroid glands size ok, all normal except increased vascularity allover thyroid gland parenchyma
- All test results was fine, CBC, alt, ast, sodium, potassium. MR brain ok.
I treated my sinus , teeth route canal(as I read it could be related to TPO) , done regular exercise and I was fine till now with no blood pressure and good health.
Just this week felt little bit fatigue and slight throat discomfort, I though its better to make a new tests and exams, outcome was :
-TSH 0.005, free T3 4.41, free T4 1.38. Ab 99, Anti TPO 297
-TC99m PERTECHNETATE Thyroid scan : Thyroid uptake 6.2%, Thyroid with no substernal activity seen, intense and uniform radio tracer uptake is visualized allover the gland with no sizable intra-thyroidal focal lesions should be seen, the extra thyroidal background activity and salivary glands uptake are diminished due to increased avidity of thyroid gland for the tracer.
- Throat Sputum exam : Gram positive cocci,, puss cells moderate , culture : mixed growth staph aureus and strept pyogen --> I have taken Antibiotic Averozolid
Questions if you please :
1- Your opinion.
2- Do I have Graves disease ? despite haven’t got any of its sever symptoms.
3- High TPO could be related to throat bacteria ?
4- Is there is a relation between Sinus and TSH low level?
5- Can I avoid taking Thyroid medicine ? (I don’t take any regular medication).
6- Is it possible to try first natural nutrition to lower my T3 ?
7- Not sure whether iodune food substances are good to lower the T3 or not ? as I read different directions about iodune diet
Many thanks for your fine cooperation and apology if I was bit long or specific
Amr Madany

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