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I have Hyperthyroidism but I'm GAINING weight

From: thegirlwhohashy... - 4 years 34 weeks ago

Hello everyone! I've been diagnosed of hyperthyroidism early 2015.

To give you a brief medical history,
- My menstrual cycle is irregular; I stopped having it for a year already. (Maybe I should make an appointment with an OB/GYN?)
- I almost had a thyroid storm, September of 2015. But luckily, I was brought in sooner to my endocrinologist. She prescribed me with PTU (I think it was 12 PTUS a day and I have to take all of them in an hour - gross & bitter, I know). She also gave me steroids.
- The inly medication that she ever gave me was 20mg 3x a day of Carbimazole. That was my meds for 2 years. Inderal too, from 40mg or 10mg. It varies.
- I saw another specialist last year (she was also my mum's doctor when she had this) November '16. During my first check-up with her, my TSH, T3 & T4 were through the roof. She prescribed me Tapazole 20mg 1x a day and 10mg of Inderal just to protect my heart
- I GAINED so much weight since then. I guess it might be the Tapazole? I've been trying to figure it out! I came in for another check-up last February 15 & my TSH & FT4 weren't so bad anymore. My TSH was below the normal range and FT4 was higher by 4 points than the normal range.
- She changed my medication to Strumazole 10mg 1x a day and still on 10mg Inderal 1x a day. She also gave me the "go" signal to shed off some weight already.

Phew, that was a looooong medical history! I still can't firgure out why I gained so much weight?? My clothes last December can barely fit me anymore!

An explanation would be much appreciated.

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Where you super hungry before the medication?
Its definitely the meds, as they are making your thyroid not as hyper. A symptom of hyper is super hungry and and no weight gain, it would be vice verse as the thyroid calms down. There should be weight gained.
The challenge I finding is controlling my hunger. Before I could eat like a horse and not gain any weight. Now that my thyroid is on meds, I don't need to eat as much but it's like my body was so used to eating all the time it doesn't get it.
I've been eating the regular breakfast lunch and dinner and try to carry veggie snacks to not gain weight too fast but yes recently the last 5 pounds have pretty much kicked me out of my clothes that just 3 months ago I was fitting.
As for the menstruation cycle...are you on birth control? for me my was irregual when i started both tapizol and bc. My regular doctor went on vaccation and his step in doctor ( I think she was a OB) solved the problem with different dose of bc and I've been regular ever since. So yea I'd say see a different doctor on that note.