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Graves' disease low libido

From: Madmax16 - 3 years 4 weeks ago

Graves' disease extreme premature ejaulation problem and low sex drive any idea ? Some endocrinologist says Graves' disease lower dopamine level is it true ?

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Hi. I noticed you didn't have any responses to your question yet, and although I am female, I can empathize with you about the low libido problem, although the origin for my low libido was related to untreated depression, not Grave's Disease. However, I can say with some confidence that time might be best spent in addressing your Grave's Disease diagnosis first. One, because known causes of Grave's disease are less complex than the various factors known to influence the male libido; two, because successfully treating the Grave's Disease will remove one of the possible factors affecting your libido/low dopamine levels. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

One interesting little sidenote in my own medical saga is that while I have Grave's Disease, I am also going to be treated for hyperparathyroidism at the same time as my thyroidectomy. I just figured surgery was the fastest way to stabilize my body chemistry via thyroxine replacement for my soon to be missing thyroid, and handling the necessary surgery for hyperparathyroid glands in the same surgery to minimize risk of complications. (For the record, should you find yourself ever needing to examine the topic of hyperparathyroidism personally, consider reading about the center I am having my surgery at, as they are pretty much the last word on the subject: Norman Parathyroid Center of Tampa, Florida. My mother had parathyroid surgery there early 2018. She is 82, and since her surgery, she has greatly improved and resumed running her wedding cake bakery full-time- she is amazing). It's complicated head/neck surgery, not to be performed by an inexperienced surgeon.
But back to you: I hope you figure out the origin of the problem so you can get the right treatment for it. Good luck!