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Hyperthyroidism - I131/RAI treatment - Pregnancy

From: bfaizy4 - 2 years 21 weeks ago

Good morning! I've had a nodule on my thyroid for years now. After multiple biopsies, it's been diagnosed as benign but my blood work has always been "slightly hyper" so my doctor wanted to just monitor it yearly. Since I wasn't married and kids were not in my future in 2017, no medication or treatment was given. I don't really have any symptoms (wish I had the weight loss!!!) but now that I'm engaged and kids are likely in the next year, he wanted me to either get the surgery or do the RAI treatment to kill off my thyroid. Here's my lab work:

TSH < .006
T4 Free 2.25
T3 186
T3 uptake 36
TPO Ab 17
Thyroglubin Antibody <1
Thyroid Stim Immunoglobin <.10

RAI Uptake 48%

Obviously, I'm hyper. The radiologist said that all the activity (after doing the scan) is near my right nodule. I want to get pregnant but wanted to reach out to ladies in my position that have gone through the RAI treatment to treat hyperthyroidism (not necessarily Graves) and how pregnancies were like for them afterwards? Any issues conceiving? Miscarriage? Birth defects? Health issues for yourself? I'm getting this done Tuesday morning and going into isolation for 5 days. How was the treatment for you and the isolation? Anything you recommend or don't recommend? Thank you so much in advance!!!!!

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have you already done RAI ?
I am having hyper thyroid since 6-7 years and on medication(carbimazole and Ciplar). consulting doctor have advised to go for RAI, thought i haven't convinced myself yet. During my conversation with my doctor and some online research for RAI I was advised that post this treatment you should monitor thyroid levels as many gets converted HYPOthyrodism.