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Weight gain with tyroid treatment

From: Nay1024 - 1 year 30 weeks ago

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hoshi motos disease after having my first child had over 400 antibodies in my blood went on levothyroxine 25mg . When blood work came around the tsh levels were good never needed an adjustment even though I feel as if I needed one. I was gaining weight I started at 180 before the medication then easily the scale hit 200lbs has anyone had this problem with this drug? Is there a way to loose weight with being treated for this disease ? The drs never listen when you say it's the drugs fault they just say eat more chicken or vegetables or fruit . I am just tired of going to the dr being tired and all the say is if you loose weight you won't be tired. When it's impossible to do so but they'll never tell us that as long as the insurance companies are paying for the drugs .

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Undesirable weight gain may occur for many reasons. If your thyroid levels are in a healthy range, there may be other factors leading to weight gain.
You might ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian with expertise in endocrine disorders who can work with you personally to stop further weight gain and help to determine if any other lifestyle adjustments might help you feel less tired and to feel your best. Please do let us know what you do so others can benefit from your experience. Thanks for sharing your situation with EW!