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Low Testosterone quagmire, Need advice.

From: chris4387 - 6 years 3 weeks ago

I am 28 years of age and was recently diagnosed with hypogonadism. I had total testosterone levels of 240-250. Upon physical examination it was determined that I also had an incomplete puberty. I also have gyncomastia and other symptoms of low testosterone. I had an MRI on my pituitary and no tumors or any abnormalities were found other than the right side of the pituitary being slightly more prominent. Some white matter Lesions were also accidentally found on my brain, which is odd considering my age.

After nothing was found a Karyotype was ordered due to the suspicion of a syndrome, like klinefelters. Results came back 3 weeks later and I have a normal XY structure. No extra chromosomes. My doctor wants to order a scan on my adrenal glands next and a ct scan on my chest. I'm not sure what the problem is anymore or if I should continue seeing this doctor or just go to a specialist. Any advice on what other possible things could cause low testosterone, incomplete puberty, and symptoms typically seen in Klinefelters? If it helps I alsohave flat feet, pectus excavatum and am double jointed.

I suspect that my doctor is baffled by the results that have returned after this series of tests he's ordered. This seems to be a complicated case. Any opinions or advice would be appreciated,

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