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Normal TSH, Slightly high free t4, low total t3... Results make no sense

From: collegestudent2021 - 3 years 20 weeks ago


I am having immense trouble interpreting my results. I went to the endicrinoligsts with concerns on my muscle development. I hit puberty late, still look very young, and was concerned because I am rather thin (toned and fit) but I am having trouble maintaining and growing muscle. I am genuinely concerned because I do everything normal like everyone else but don't get any results. I am an 18 year old boy.

I had several tests done for everything, everything was normal, except for my thyroid tests as they came with high free T4 but everything else normal. I had normal TSH, normal t3 and slightly high free t4. She had me take these tests again a week later. The results came in for the second round of tests and I have normal TSH (2.88), slighty high T4 free (1.5, this time it came a bit lower than last time but still over the normal range), normal T4 total (8.9), and low T3 (78).

What do these results mean? I was trying to figure out a diagnosis on the internet but nothing really makes sense! I hope someone can help!

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