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Has anyone had Growth Hormone Treatment?

From: Coin - 2 years 5 days ago


I am 29 yr old female, and have been told my Growth Hormone is very low (normal range is 16 - 40, mine is 3)
I had a MRI any nothing was found to be wrong with my Pituitary Gland. Along with this my estrogen is very low and thyroid low but not too extreme.

I was wondering if anyone has had growth hormone treatment, and how they changed afterwards?

At the moment I find NOTHING excited me, I have low moods and tend to not want to socialise as much. For a while I was trying hard with my exercise/ weights (but not so much now) as I struggle with my endurance, and felt like I hit a plateau with my muscle gains. I also struggle to loose weight so have to control what I eat. My hair has thinned so much, and I have osteoporosis.

Did any of this improve for anyone on GH treatment?

Also, for my oestrogen I have been given Clomid (clomifene) which from what I can tell is mainly to help with conceiving.

Not sure if it impacts my oestrogen levels?


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