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maybe thyroid problems or diabetes

From: alunke82 - 3 years 50 weeks ago

hi all i think i have thyroid problems but blood test are normal
tsh is between 0,96 and 2,9
free t3 6.8
free t4 19,3
anti tpo <10
my dad have my onkel my dads mother and grandmother had
i have so many symptoms fog head small muscle cramp
i can see but harder to see than normal
internal shake up and down
internal shaking when waking up
joint pain up and down
neck pain
i have a virus in throat i dont know the name of it nothin serius sore throat maybe to many ciggerets
can that virus danish name is halskatar sit on my thyroid?
i have sick feeling sometimes i have fever sometimes dont and sometimes on the low side
sick feeling get better after maybe 1-3 hour then i only feel like crap
get alittlebit better evening in my head but symptoms still there best time are night
i can get alittle more foggy after i eat and get a hot flash
stomac pain
contration problems
bad memory but i think i allways have that:)
i get some kind of head rush feels like blood going to fast or to low when i going to sleep
balance problems when i wake up
i dont dare to take a nap i get real crappy fog head
pain in feets most left side
sore throat came when i got sick not when i was healthy
maybe i have forgot something but that is my main symptoms
i got ct mr scan
i got no sclerose been checket for that to
i can get dizzy when i bend over
symptoms can somedays be better then others
they cant find the reason i have never been sick i allways walked away when people talked about sickness
so i never been mental ill or not what i know about maybe my girlfriend have another opinion:)
i got bitten by an tick but 2 negative test so i dont think its the tick
i cant find the english word for my throath only danish halskatar
i drink probiotika vita biosa for immune system have helped alittle bit on nausea stomac pain
and burning sensations on body and sometimes on my flue like symptoms
hope somebody can tell me i maybe have thyroid problems despite normal blood test they say its normal
i got testet for diabetes again normal hba1c 6,8% a1c 41
i had burning legs and feets but vita biosa helped on that
they only find Fecal calprotectin normal range <50 but mine was 176
its an sample of my stools so i guess something is wrong
sry my english i hope you understand

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