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Thyroid Problems and Normal Blood Work

From: CambriaRaggio - 2 years 38 weeks ago

Hello. I have never posted on a site forum before but I am feeling desperate recently. I am currently 23, but when I was 21 and in college I started having some severe issues with my thyroid. I was a DII runner and in good shape when I started having severe fatigue, shakiness, brain fog, etc. At the end of races and workouts, my shaking would become debilitating and my brain would feel so fogged that I wouldn't be able to think straight or speak. I saw a functional medicine doctor who said that I had adrenal fatigue, but his treatment with supplements didn't help. My problems got so severe that I would literally crawl on the floor around my apartment when I would get back from an easy run. My coach eventually made me stop running all together and I missed my senior season.

I haven't run in over two years now and, while my condition has improved, I still shake frequently, feel weak and fatigued, and am not able to exercise without having severe symptoms of shaking, brain fog, etc. My doctor found that I was ANA positive, but so far nothing has come back positive. I was tested for Hashimoto's which is what I was sure I had, but it too came back normal.

I am feeling desperate to figure this out, as I know that something it wrong. Should I ask for a second opinion? Is it possible my thyroid levels are normal due to not running? Are there other Thyroid problems I should request testing for?

My doctor wants to send me to a neurologist next, but I don't feel like they will find anything.

My hope is that I will be able to workout and train again one day. Maybe not at the level I used to, but to be able to do anything would be great.

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