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Tight muscles/neuropathy caused by hypothyroid state?

From: Emilmichemilmic... - 2 years 34 weeks ago

Hi all. 5 years ago I suffered from hypothyroidism caused by a diet with essentially no iodine. I suffered debilitating back spasms near the paraspinals when I got dehydrated or had sudden movements. I also had muscle dysfunction-tight muscles that would not stretch.

I then started taking Armour thyroid. The spasms went away and the muscle function improved-but I am still left with tight muscles that cannot be stretched (or they will tighten further). However, this only pertains to muscles (ALL muscles) from my bellybutton down. Above the bellybutton the muscles are fine. Does this make sense to anyone?

I’m guessing the hypothyroid state damaged the spinal cord.
I would greatly value the opinion of others -does this seem plausible? Has anyone had their spine affected by hypothyroidism? Thanks very much

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I don't think my spine has been comprised but I completely understand about the tight muscles from the hips down. When my joints start hurting and my thigh muscles get tight, I know my TSH has gotten too high. My legs and lower back would hurt so bad that I wasn't even able to grocery shop without having to sit down somewhere. Standing in line to check out about killed me.

Do you have have regular thyroid tests? Part of trying to stay healthy is keeping your thryoid levels where they should. I take generic levothyroxine and it wasn't until my TSH was down to .99 and Free T4 was 1.3 before I started feeling like I did pre-hypothyroid. Though, I wish my metabolism would increase but that's a different story. It took almost 2 years to get down to that level - there were lots of dosage changes and lots of bloodwork.