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I have been experiencing a number of progressing symptoms for the last six months. I have several enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, my last ultrasound showed seven above 1.3cm (four btwn 2.3-2.7cm). I have also been experiencing severe fatigue and muscle pain that is triggered by minor physical activity. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis along with mild eczema on my fingers and lips. I have been tested for a wide range of infections and done multiple autoimmune tests which all came back negative. I had a biopsy on two nodes that came back "reactive". I have been tracking my TSH and free T4, which were in the normal range at the beginning of this, but now show subclinical hypothyroidism.
After extensive testing being inconclusive, I am now looking at possible reaction to chemical or food triggers and beginning the elimination process, but there are so many possibilities.
One theory is that I am reacting to my copper IUD, which I have had for two years. I have read that excess copper can affect the thyroid as well as eczema.
My question for the community is, could the node enlargement be related to Hashimoto's and if so, what could be triggering it?
Thanks for your help.

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