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Help me discuss these results with my doctor?

From: slbarr - 1 year 33 weeks ago

Hi everyone, I'm new and joined because I've had a pretty rough go of finding help for my medical issues. I've gone doc to doc trying to find someone who will take my feelings and my symptoms seriously, and take little more than 15 minutes to discuss possible solutions or plans of action with me. I'm 23, female, 5'2" and currently 108 lbs if it matters. A little history, I started feeling off around age 17-18. I was fresh out of high school, going to university on what I was told would turn into a full ROTC scholarship with a major in physical sciences. At some point in the first year I began to get very depressed, anxious, I gained weight easily where I'd never had an issue before and despite training every day I could not keep up with my cadre and saw no improvements in strength, endurance, muscle mass, nothing. In fact, exercising eventually seemed to make things worse. I cried almost everyday, seemingly out of nowhere, I couldn't seem to remember anything and had brain fog. I fell behind due to the extra pressure to do well in PT and by the end of the year I made the decision to take the summer off and leave ROTC because it was clear to everyone my health was suffering.
I thought taking time off (working in physical labor for the summer), moving schools and de-stressing would help but I still could not lose weight no matter what I did, couldn't gain muscle tone, had major bouts of depression and anxiety, all accompanied with body aches, lethargy, anger, a non-existent period - it was almost a complete change in my personality as well. I didn't go to my GP until shortly after my 20th birthday (a long time I know, but I felt failed by the system at this point and thought I could fix it myself).
My GP fought me on doing a thyroid and hormone panel because she couldn't feel any swelling in my thyroid. I insisted but when the results came back they called me in to the office to tell me that the tests were fine and nothing was wrong with me - that's it. I was sent home and there was no follow up.
So I gave up for another miserable two years, graduated college, did some traveling and managed to lose a little weight through very very restrictive dieting - smart move, I know. I got home from a long trip and immediately crashed. I had swollen lymph nodes, more depressed than I had ever felt, angry all the time, lethargic, I slept for entire days. I had no energy and saw no point in doing anything. I started to get gripping stomach pains anytime I got upset, experienced nausea and cold flashes. The only way I could describe it to people was a complete body ache that felt like crawling into a ball and sleeping forever. I cried a lot. I had a period maybe once every few months, but it was light, hardly anything.
I decided to go back to the doctor at the insistence of my loved ones. I found an endocrinologist this time and booked an appointment several months out because they were so busy, I could barely get them on the phone. I finally went for my appointment and had a lot of blood tests done in early December, 2019. The results came back with my endo flagging a marker for Hashimoto's and low vitamin D. That's it. They told me I could come in for a follow up in six months after I'd had my thyroid retested. At this point the idea of feeling like that for 6 more months was almost unthinkable. I joined a Hashimoto's group on FB and started AIP diet, which helped me lose a little weight, but I still can't gain the muscle tone that I'm after.
I finally caved and went back to my GP office in February, but to a different doctor. She had me go for more blood tests, including Lyme and EBV which both came back negative.

Other things have been pointed out on these tests as abnormal but I'm so used to doctors railroading me on results that I would really love to know exactly what I am talking about and what I should insist on discussing when I go back in for my follow up next week.

To get to the point of a very long personal and medical history (and I do appreciate those of you who have stuck around for this), would you all look at these results and give me your honest opinions of what I should push for in this visit, what should I expect my doctor to do, and have you had any experience with results like these? I feel very out of my depth and it doesn't help that doctors make me nervous already. I made a chart of my results (with no identifying info obviously), and I would very much appreciate if some of you with more experience reading these things would help guide me to having a more successful discussion with my doctor. If you have suggestions for ways I might improve my health homeopathically that would be welcome too. Thank you!

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Hey I could not see your results because I cant remember my Google password. Lol
I am a nurse and very much so experienced as I've gone through just what your talking about! Trust me even as a medical professional I was not listened to either! Do not ever except to being sick as normal! I will help you but would need to see your results. You can send them to me on here or find me on Facebook.
Heather Rae Downey