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Hypothyroidism and Dyspnea (Air Hunger)

From: dusan - 32 weeks 3 days ago

Hi all,

I'm a 38 year old male. I've had a sudden onset of dyspnea (air hunger) back in July last year and went to see pulmonologist who checked me and determined that dyspnea was caused by my allergic rhinitis due to post nasal drip. She tested my lung capacity and results came back normal and no asthma. I've been on antihistamines for the duration of the allergy season but as soon as the allergy season ended, I've still had the occasional breathing problems / chest tightness. So I went to see allergy specialist / immunologist because I wanted to start immunotherapy for allergy and when my blood results came back, I've tested positive for TPO antibodies. She referred me to endocrinologist to check my thyroid.

Endocrinologist diagnosed Subclinical Hashimoto's Thyroiditis back in November last year and put me on levothyroxine (50mcg) since I had symptoms like fatigue and lack of concentration even though my T4 was normal (but my TSH was like 7.0). I am on therapy for over 4 months and I am still going to see my endocrinologist every couple of months to check my TSH level in case we need to tweak the dosage. My typical hypothyroid symptoms have mostly toned down (this week I checked TSH and it was 2.2) but now my dyspnea is back. I spoke with my endocrinologist and she says dyspnea has nothing to do with my thyroid and its probably another onset of my allergy. My initial skin test requested (confirmed by blood test) by pulmonologist determined that ragweed pollen is what I am most sensitive to but the ragweed allergy season doesn't start until late July here.

I was just wondering if anybody with hypothyroidism experienced dyspnea during their initial phase? I am inclined to give it more time for my hormones to balance (my endo says I'll be back to normal in 6-8 months) but I just wanted to make sure thyroid is not the cause because I am still not convinced that dyspnea is due to allergy because I've had rhinitis for years and never had dyspnea before. Also antihistamines don't seem to improve the condition although I didn't have any problems during winter months but I attributed that to starting therapy with levo. Pulmonologist and endocrinologist seem to agree that allergy is the root cause (I've even been checked by cardiologist who said everything is perfectly fine on that front).


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