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Do I take my Insulin before meal if Blood Sugar is Low?

From: Susiecue - 3 years 31 weeks ago

Hi, I just signed onto this site today.

I read a post that I think was done 8 years ago and they had asked the same question I have but I didn't like the answer as I feel that it wasn't answered at all! The author wasn't asking for the signs of low blood sugar!

When your blood sugar is low do you take your insulin or do you wait until after you eat?

Just before my meal my sugar tested low, I'm supposed to take my Insulin before but decided to hold off! I've had a few incidents of this lately but couldn't find the answer!

Should I wait for an hour or so then test then inject my Insulin if the bld sugar is ok or wait until the next meal?

Thanks in advance, have a great day, Susan

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