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Coping with pain related to hypercalcemia

From: exintrovert - 50 weeks 3 days ago

Hi. I have had elevated calcium for way too long now (I think 18 months since first lab result). Finally got referred to a specialist and finally have all the labs done to have a confident diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism.

I have some imaging scheduled for 3/3. The problem is I have begun having some pretty intolerable body aches for a week now. I have had aches on and off this whole time, along with heaviness and weakness, etc. But now it is constant and hard to distract myself from.

I feel like I have growing pains, and my hips feel like they felt when I was pregnant; as though something is spreading my bones open. I feel like I need to stretch every painful muscle/joint but no matter how much stretching I do, I cannot get relief.

I have spent days straight just laying on the heating vent and stretching, rocking my body and pacing. Taking max dose Acetaminophen and max dose Ibuprofen is maybe taking the edge off, but not giving me relief.

I only have a shower and a small water tank, so I can’t soak in a hot bath or even take a long hot shower.

I asked my Dr and she said it my be related to my low vitamin D, and that I could try adding some vitamin D supplementation to see if the pain will be relieved. I have taken some for 2 days and wish it helped.

I just feel like I have poison that needs to be squeezed out of most of my muscles and joints. I have 2 young kids and cannot just rest and wait it out.

Some Percocet has given me relief but I try and keep them on hand for when a kidney stone strikes again, so I don’t want to take all my pain meds 24/7 and run out.

I would like to know about other people’s experience with hypercalcemia and ways others have found relief from the constant body discomfort.

I am getting frustrated and am on the verge of self referring to the Norman Center in Florida, even though I can’t afford that trip.

Any help will be appreciated.

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