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From Hyperthyroidism to Hypothroidism in a month?!

From: ziplockkisses - 5 years 25 weeks ago

Last month, the doctor had run some labs on me to check for allergies and what not and came back that I was borderline prediabetic, vitamin D deficient, overactive thyroid and dehydrated. I completely changed my diet from nothing but junk to nothing but healthy food and have been taking 2000iu D3. I have been feeling like crap and got more labs done. Not my TSH is super high and Free T4 is low. Levels are as follows:

03.12.2015 - .006 TSH Normal T4
04.20.2015 - 54.460 TSH Low T4

Is it possible for it to change that drastically in a month? Should I be worried? I can't see the doctor until Monday and am freaking out. I have been drinking green smoothies with either a cup of kale or spinach everyday and as dumb as this sounds, read it can lower your thyroid function and am wondering if this could have something to do with it. From what I have read, that is a pretty high TSH level and to go from severely low to severely high is concerning for me. Anyone have any insight into all this for me? I have an Endo appointment 04/29 and a PCP appointment 04/27. Will I be safe to wait?

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Is this good advice?

Forgot to add that I am not on any kind of medications besides the D supplement.

Is this good advice?

There is a really excellent closed facebook page of the Butterfly Nation Project where you can post and have exchanges with almost 4400 people with Graves. It's called Graves Disease what everyone should know. I have learned so much from this group. You just search for it and ask for membership. Sounds like you might want to look into Hashimoto's and you will find a facebook page for that too