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From: Endo-criez - 5 years 2 weeks ago

Heyyaaaa, :))

Im rana from new zealand.
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 2 yrs ago after having my second baby, and prescribed with carbimazole and peri- oh some medication starting with p hehe. So i see a specialist the next year and my thyroid is still over average, the docs then change my meds, and prescribed me to carbimazole plus levothyroxine.
The begining of this year, was looking sad, as my Thyroid was still over active.

I just saw my endocrinologist last week, he said since my last test in jan, my thyroids seem to be under control, and to be honest, since then i have stopped takin my medication, and started researching the endocrine system myself as well as yoga, to try relieve some stress on my thyroid :)) i believe these are the key factors that have helped me to maintain the hyperthyroidism issue.

i have to see my endocrinologist in december just to make sure my thyroid is still under control, in the mean time he has written me up some blood tests that i can have before my next appointment, to keep an eye on my levels :))

But with that good news comes a new realisation for me, and thats changing my eating habits, i know this can help me naturally and drastically, as i just eat anything and everything :)) and im just wondering if dried berries are as good as fresh berries, or if anyone knows of any other super foods, id really appreciate your feedback :))

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