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Hyperthyroidism - confused & not losing weight?

From: Safris - 3 years 40 weeks ago

Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We discovered that my TSH is below .001 and T4 is high, however recent scans show nodules but that my thyroid is healing itself so my doc has decided not to put me on meds. My concern is I've been trying to lose weight for a long time, I'm a competitive rower and weightlifter and I have to have a lower body fat for rowing (currently 22% but my coach says I need 16%. I eat extremely clean and exercise a ton so there should be no reason why I'm not losing fat). Has anyone else experienced not losing weight with hyperthyroidism? Also, my doctor didn't tell me how long it would take to recover from this and it's extremely hard to exercise when you have a rapid heart rate, can't sleep, and are fatigued all the time. I've just signed to row division 1 next fall so there's no taking time off from sports, regardless of how I feel. I'm so stressed and any advice/knowledge/personal experiences would be great.

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