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From: jvballen - 3 years 11 weeks ago

I'm currently on Armour 60mgs an Synthroid 0.05 which is 50mgs I've been taking this since April 12th the armour with synthroid my endo wanted me to take the synthroid because my t4 was low well I've been putting off appointments because I cant afford it right now but however I did recently go to one for labs an she got my results back an she told me my levels was 0.07 an to continue the synthroid M -F but I want to discontinue this synthroid because I only was taking it to raise my t4 levels prior to that I took myself off of my Armour with my endo permission out of asking her so many times the reason for that was I wanted to start chasteberry supplement because I have no menstrual I've been having complications since 08 on an off birth control pills an provera but I wasn't diagnosed with hypo till 2013 of Aug but anyway I want to just take armour I already feel like crap anyway plus she asked me if I was having heart palpitations I told her yes a couple of times but there's been more problems like headaches more of those an now I feel like I have a sore throat she also said I'm at my peak of getting close to hyperthyroidism I dont need that so can anybody tell me what should I do an is Armour even good with synthroid I dont think it is but it would be nice to know someone else's opinion!

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