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Understanding Lab Results Help Please

From: TNDINNC - 2 years 35 weeks ago

I have had cysts in my thyroid for about 5 years now. My TSH has always fallen into the "normal" range so my endocrinologist hasn't ever prescribed any thyroid medication. That being said I've had issues periodically with being extremely tired, waking up several times a night, hair falling out (no bald spots though), feeling "spaced out", weight gain and not being able to loose it. I've always felt that my levels while "normal" on paper just were maybe not normal for me.. because of the strange symptoms. This time I got him to do a test on my TSH and T4. My TSH went from 1.55 last year to 0.590 now. My T4 is 2.07. His nurse called and said that I am "borderline high" but he's not prescribing anything yet. I have to call if I have tremors or heart palpitations. I'm having trouble understanding the results. So I have hyperthyroidism or I almost do? It's confusing.... so anyone who has more experience with this that can help me better understand how this all works i'd appreciate it.

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