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High FT4 normal TSH?!! Plz help

From: satori00 - 2 years 33 weeks ago

After an extended period of exhaustion and stress from studying,I started to have headaches first then vomit repetitively the next day, I experienced body tremors, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weigh loss, mood changes and I suddenly and mostly felt an extremely scary anxiety sensation out of nowhere that it is hard to explain kinda like a sudden electric shock in my stomach and a burning in m chest that would make me feel dizzy and nauseous for days, it's like I'm going crazy whenever I think about it. So I did some blood tests that showed high FT4 29.06 however normal TSH 1.4 ?!! monocytes were a bit high 12% but the echo was normal,I didn't take any treatment then and after a long rest I felt better for like a 6 months but I would still get sometimes that scary feeling that is bothering me the most. I recently relapsed again with the same symptoms I mentioned before,my doctor asked me to repeat the blood tests but this time they were better: FT4 23.43 and TSH 1.46. Is this considered normal? because usually when FT4 is high TSH should be low but in my case it isn't and my doctor just keeps asking me for more tests. Can someone tell me what kind of food I should avoid for my case and what diet should I follow in order to get the thyroid hormones back to normal? and how about the worst part that is bothering me the most which is this strange sensation that feels endless, will it go away when the thyroid hormones get back to normal?? I'm really worried that I might struggle with this sensation for the rest of my life it's just unbearable and I hate to go through anxiety and depression meds :'(

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Hi Satori,
I am in a similar situation to you and feel worried about it. I wish you the best with your results. My tsh is 1.42, ft4 28, f3 8.... I have my meeting with specialist this Wednesday.

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Are u experiencing severe anxiety attacks whenever u worry or think about it? headaches and vomiting? if so how long have u been experiencing these symptoms? plz keep me updated about your specialist answer to your condition, I hope u get better soon and plz take a good care of yourself!

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Hi, Satori.

Fyi, I am 64. I had a benign tumor on right lobe of my thyroid when I was 18. I had right lobe of thyroid removed. Have been on thyroid replacement ever since with no problems until now.

I have the exact same problem, except mine started as feeling very cold in tolerant (in December) and then going to my doctor in January, where she only tested TSH and said thyroid was normal. Long story short, a few days later I became ill with low grade fever. Took over a week to get an appointment and ended up on antibiotics (took three rounds, 25 days) to get over the fever and more severe headache. Still was not feeling well at all so contacted my primary again. She ran blood test finding moderately elevated ESR and CRP. I freaked out (my anxiety level was unusually high, and to make matters worse, hada serious problem in our family at the same time). Doctor ran more thyroid tests, TSH normal, free T4 and free T3 are also high. CRP back to normal, ESR on its way back down.

I feel much like you described with anxiety. I'm not only anxious, but super intolerant of cold, get chills out of nowhere, and also chills immediately after drinking or eating, and this is not minor is cold. At night my body temp goes down to (96.8). I am easily fatigued. My appetite is poor and I have lost quite a bit of weight. I have a couple of GERD-like symptoms and constipation (ongoing)so tomorrow am going in for colonoscopy/endoscopy to rule anything digestive out.

I almost feel as though I started out with hyperthyroidism symptoms, and now have hypothyroidism symptoms, or maybe even a little odd each. It's so strange. My primary is not very thyroid savvy so I need to find a specialist.

Have you found anything out yet about what could be causing your symptoms?

I'm very concerned because it's been going on so long already and I don't want to go through this any longer.

Thanks for any insight. I would really appreciate if you could keep us updated!

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I'm very sorry to learn about your situation, your case seems difficult,and I guess you've been through alot, can u please precise what actually caused your hyperthyroid issue at first when u were 18 ? stress ir maybe something hereditary? because in my case I can clearly say that prolonged stress, overwork and caffeine started my thyroid issue. Although I'm a person who prefer natural remedies and I hate to go through medecines and thank god things get wayyy better than before without any treatement just proper diet and proper sleeping and as I mentioned my thyroid hormones went back to normal, the only thing that I'm still struggling with is the anxiety sensation, and the scariest part is that even if I feel good sometimes I try to think about the anxiety sensation to see if I got rid of it or not then it gets back again!!! just the idea in my mind would trigger this intense sensation and make me feel sick for days and get all my symptoms back :/ so you see I'm concerned that all this is triggered by my mind not only the thyroid so it's something hard to diagnose and Idk how long will this last! Anyways I think u got health complications due to medication side effects, plus stressing out alot and getting angry may disrupt thyroid function easily like in my case if I get angry or worry alot about something then things go bad for me, so maybe the serious problem in your family that you mentioned affected your general health and caused these issues. I hope things turn well for you and nothing gets serious, but try to stick to a strict diet that suits your case because what we eat affect alot our health. Last thing if you don't see any improvement I advice you to check on youtube the ancient russian remedy for all thyroid issues, I've just found it and alot of people seem happy with the results,but plz check with your doctor first to confirm if you have thyroid issues or not and whether alcohol harm your health or not. All my best for you and keep me updated about your case.