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Posted in: Hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid Problem?

From: Ekech - 2 years 32 weeks ago

I have had the following Symptoms for two years;

Irritability or moodiness
Nervousness, (any excitement, either good or bad causes these symptoms to increase 10 fold)
Sweating or sensitivity to high temperatures
Hand trembling
Loose bowls
Sensitivity to light
Intense bouts of nausea to the point where I hold my breath because just breathing is too intense.
Palpitations, no tachycardia but I have been on blood pressure medication since 18 due to tachycardia and blood pressure problems.

So my GP prescribed me antidepressants. I have tried every primary care drug available to no avail, so I was referred the mental health team who prescribed me rispiradone (also to no effect). So the psychiatrist is now going to prescribe me quietapine.

I was prescribed antibiotics for the nausea as I was tested for H Pylori which came back positive, however the sickness has remained post antibiotics. Usually once a month I get the intense nausea, but I wake up feeling nauseous but that is controllable. I saw a prescribing nurse about the nausea so she tested everything, bloods & stool (to make sure H Pylori was eradicated, it was). However, one test came back "slightly high" which was T3. They have asked to be retested in 2 months. However, I was looking through my letters from the MHT I found that my T3 has been "slightly high" consistently, as a letter from them to my GP after tests done there for the psych meds showed T3 at 23.3 6 months ago. My sister has had to have her thyroid killed due to problems.

I have consistently said that it is my symptoms that cause anxiety and not the other way around, for which I get looks of pity.

Am I going crazy or could my symptoms be related to the raised T3? My sister has always said my thyroid is to blame but I have always thought the bloods to be normal, I never read the letters &told her the docs are sure it is anxiety. A slightly raised T3 means nothing to me, I don't know what 23.3 is. I don't know what my GP results actually were, only the psych results, I only know they were slightly raised too.

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Is this good advice?

Just to add, all these symptoms come in 'waves', which will peak and then reduce.