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DAYTIME NAPS are insane

From: brucergoldberg - 2 years 24 weeks ago

I have been trying to figure this out for over a year. At first I thought it was from naturehtroid , but with recent changed to the medication I switched to NP. Took NP for a year. same issue happened.

Basically I wake up feeling refreshed. I make it until about 4 pm and then I can barely keep my eyes eyes open. Then I have to make a B line for my bed for an hour and I wake up and fell refreshed.

FIrst My labs on 2.5 grains NP showed me a little on the hypo side. SO I increased to 4 grans. My labs came back slightly HYPER and the naps are stronger. Im back down to 2.5 grains WP and lower labs but the naps still persist.

What the heck is this? anyone have the naps and figured out how to make them go awake> ny Does anyone get these here?

These naps are ruing my life. anything have any ideas?

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