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Posted in: Hypoglycemia.

ringing in the ears, memory problems and eczema

From: BRISOC - 10 years 20 weeks ago

it has now been 2 years since all of a sudden I started to experience ringings in both of my ears and serious problems with memory, next few weeks eczema developed on my left hand.All this problems are now, after two years, still going on, have been to too many neurologists, have gone through various tests with no possible signs of problem. I have noticed that the problems that I experience go away early in the morning when I wake up from sleep, that when being hungry I drink green tea I experience hypoglycemia, when I smoke I experience hypoglycemia (I am not a smoker, it happens only rarely). I just want to know are these symptoms signaling about some kind of endocrinological problem or not, should I visit an endocrinologist.

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I don't know about ringing in the ears having much to do with endo glandular problems however,I do know certain meds can cause this ,I have to take daily dosages of pamelor
for neuropathy and ears ring for days ,when I take less the ringing slows down to a humming sound,Hope thhis helps
caution with too much tylenol asprin,advil,etc like that:
and if you say your not a smoker??but u smoke??
I'm confused on that one ,one cig a day means you smoke
this can increase the ringing my md told me that when I did
smoke years ago:good luck

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hi i have found this site about tinnitus I hope it will help you:

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I have had Graves for more than 20 years and i get the ringing in 1 ear, only it's more of a rushing sound than ringing. And the memory loss is the worse thing, i lose hours at a time, i don't have a clue what i've done or where i've been, it's very scarey, but you are not alone