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Hypothyroid symptoms - bloods "normal"

From: Gemholmes87 - 5 years 29 weeks ago

Hi, I've recently been referred to an endocrinologist. I've been suffering from a lot of hypothyroid symptoms - the main offenders being:
Extreme fatigue, inability to control body temp (always freezing cold), water & fat gain on abdomen (body can't cope with increase in carbs & salt, water retention can be +8-10lbs at some points) and stiff joints (more painful each day it seems!), predominately my knuckles. GP has ran TSH & T4 bloods and my results were:
TSH - 0.76
T4 - 13.8

So GP saying they are in normal range?

I've had many days lately when I've been in bed by 7pm and other nights where I have insomnia.

Also noticed a gradual decline in muscle strength - I strength/weight train as a hobby.

Last April I was able to eat 1600 calories per day and lose 1.2lb/week.

Now I can't seem to lose weight consistently no matter what intake I'm on. Even at 1,200/day to test I was maintaining or even gaining weight whilst still training intensely. So there appears to be some type of metabolism issue there too?

Possible history that may be needed:
I had a head injury in March 2015, where I collapsed on a tiled floor and was unconcious for 15+ mins. I have a history of obesity - was 17+ stone at heaviest, now around 10st 10.

Would you say TSH & T4 is classed towards borderline? Not sure what else can be happening if it's not thyroid, all I know is I am not ok and if I was to be honest I am really struggling daily now..

Not sure what I need to expect working with an endocrinologist or what info they would find useful for me to take with me? Any input or help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

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