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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Finding a doctor for hypothyroidism

From: evenus - 11 years 2 weeks ago

I was diagnosed after my 2 child and after a year of therapy (synthroid) I went off the med. Unfortunately I felt the symptoms come back and all of my tests were normal. After my hysterectomy I asked my primary doctor to please test me as I was going over the symptoms with a patient and realized I had all of them. My TSH was slightly elevated. After a year of being on med I went to my gynecologist with complaints of pains in my pelvis, sleeping 12- 14 hours a day, hyper cold flashes and no sex drive. He drew labs and my TSH was 6x's what it had been. The GYN faxed my results to my primary care doctor (who had prescribed the med). She did not call me and after I left message with her regarding the labs and my sleeping so much she left me a sarcastic message telling me to double my medication and get labs in 2 months. I believe I have been suffering from this for years as I have had the symptoms. How do you find a doctor who is sensitive to this?

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