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hypothyroidism and myasthenia gravis

From: TexasOldTimer - 3 years 31 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with MG some 30 years ago. It is an autoimmune disease and simply means in Latin "very weak muscles." It affects the voluntary muscles along with the semi-voluntary respiratory muscles and has the effect that any activity is tiring. I long ago adjusted to what I need to do to continue to live independently in a rural area on several acres and take care of it - a little activity and then lots of rest. I weighed about 115 all my adult life no matter what I ate (I knew I was lucky) until about 7 years ago when I began to gain and no diet would reverse it. It was hypothyroidism. The synthetic medication did nothing.

The doctor was willing to try natural thyroid and that helped but the weight gain was still there. The more I weighed, the more quickly the muscles tired trying to move the extra pounds around - so the less I'm able to do - it's a catch-22. All the information I've found says you can't lose weight until the medication is optomized and obviously mine wasn't. My endocrinologist said, nope, nothing else we can do when I asked about adding Free T3.

I found another doctor out of my insurance network who is working with me. She looked at my test numbers that I had put together from the beginning and said simply, you're not converting it and prescribed Free T3. My aim is to lose weight so my muscles aren't weakened so quickly. What I need to know is has anyone found a way to lose weight with hypothroidism when you can't exercise?

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