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Help w/15yo daughter symptoms please

From: Hypomom2 - 2 years 26 weeks ago

At this point we are at a loss. She started gaining weight and showing depression, confusion and memory issues at 13. Pediatrician said she was depressed. Medications didn’t help, and I requested thyroid screen. When he refused I took her to another dr and her TSH was 26. All other levels were normal.
She started Levo and her cycle returned, she lost weight and then it all stopped again, in a period of two months. Her bloodwork was fine. Six months later despite medication her TSH is 12.5. She has Cushings symptoms except high blood pressure. All others she exhibits. They’re doing a cortisol catch and MRI. She’s experiencing weight gain, round face, Buffalo hump, purple stretch marks, loss of me stration,vision issues and bilateral frontal headaches. I am upset-a year ago I asked about Cushings and they said no and didn’t test.
They raised her Levo to 75mcg and she started getting sweating, rapid heart rates, and non-pitting edema. Her kidney panel was all top-end of normal.

Has anyone experienced this? What can we do? Does this sound like a pituitary tumor? He headaches are only when active. We tested it, and within a minute of even mild walking she begins to get a headache. Her blood pressure is fine, and increased intraocular pressure with lack of pulsing was noted by the opthomatrist.
I’m just trying to find what to look for. Thank you.

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