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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

TSH way above normal value

From: subramanian.sairam - 1 year 35 weeks ago

Underwent Thyroid Tests for T3, T4 and TSH and below are the results

T3 - 1.0; T4 - 4.2 & TSH - 78

I was diagnosed with the disorder in 2008 and started to take Thyronorm (various dosages). Currently I'm taking 100 mcg of Thyronorm. My question is

- T4 used to be within the range. But now T4 is below normal. What would that mean? What is the effect of the same? How to get it to normal?

- What is the dosage of Thyronorm I should take for the TSH level of 78 (Currently I take 100 mcg everyday)

- How to get TSH within the normal range?

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Your TSH result is very questionable. The scale for that result is between .358 - 3.74 uIU/mL. So, are you sure it is not .78? NOTE: while on the medication the TSH is invalid. The doctor MUST monitor the Total T3 and Free T3 only. T4 is the medication. The T3s (Total and Free) are the target of the medication. T4 is converted in the liver to T3 for use by the body.

Your T3 is also questionable. Is it the Total T3 or the Free T3?

Total T3 normal scale is 71 - 180 NG/DL.

Are you under the care of a regular doctor or an Endocrinologist?

If just a regular doctor I suggest you find a credible Endocrinologist. Key word is credible because I was nearly killed by each of the first 3 I had for over 22 years. I am currently suing one of them.

I also suggest that a doctor request an MRI of your sella to see if something may be affecting your pituitary gland. A tumor can throw off your endocrine system faster than anything else because the pituitary gland IS the 'Master Gland' that controls most of your body's functions. I had a very large tumor at age 39 that was causing me to go blind because it was literally crushing my optic nerve. I got my sight back after surgery.

I also suggest that you switch to the most reliable medication for thyroid replacement therapy/treatment - Synthroid. It is the first and most reliable. Generics are verified not reliable. Yours is a generic.

Preparing for the blood draw is very critical while on the medication. If you are currently on medication no matter the dosage DO NOT take the medication the morning of the draw. Take the medication with you and take it immediately after the draw. The blood should be drawn as close to the normal time the medication is taken. If it is taken at 6 am (as I do mine) then the blood should be drawn no later then 7 am ideally. This will reveal the most accurate result called the 'trough' level. Your doctor should have given you these instructions explicitly when he or she asked you to have blood drawn.

Taking the medication properly daily is required to get the best result of the medication. Your doctor MUST counsel you on the proper way to take this medication when prescribing because it is a very unique medication that if not taken correctly will not do what it is designed to do. Mostly, help you feel better and make your body work more efficiently - Metabolism.

The ideal time to take the medication is 6 am sharp for most people (I set my battery operated alarm for 6 am and go back to bed most of the time). You MUST take the medication one hour before you take other medications and before eating. Coffee should not be consumed for at least 1 1/2 hours after taking thyroid medication because it can interfere with the absorption into the body. ALWAYS take the medication with only water. You must make sure it gets into your stomach because if it gets stuck in your throat it can cause other problems and not get absorbed completely.

Wow, that was a mouthful.

I hope it helps.
Please let me know if you need more help.