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Posted in: Hypothyroidism, and MEN 2A.

Help interpreting test results and my symptoms

From: Yodakadoy - 37 weeks 20 hours ago

Hello all, my name is kate and I am a 23 year old woman. 3 years ago come spring is my total thyroidectomy anniversary. I had this due to finding out I carry the MEN2A mutation. I've had a difficult time getting and keeping my hormone levels appropriate. My latest test results are as follows:

TSH: 25.65
Free T4: 1.1
Free T3: 1.7
Total T3: 58

My current prescription is LEVOTHYROXINE 135mcg. Been on it for 5 weeks and not feeling better. This is my 3 upping of levo as well. First I started on 115 and felt much better after 3 weeks, but felt regression come round 8 week mark. Tests showed TSH elevation again. Bumped to 125mcg. Same thing. Felt great after 2-3weeks then went down hill after the 8 week mark. Fast forward to today. Been on the 135mcg 5 weeks, feeling WORSE.

My symptoms are: severe intolerances to heat or cold, severe migraines, stomach cramps, constipation, extreme fatigue but cant sleep, depression, brain fog, cant find right words, memory issues.
*Im also 5'4" and 160lbs if that makes any differences.

Anyone else have patterns, test results and symptoms like this? What have you done? What should my concerns be?

Thanks for ANY insights.

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Hi Kate. If your still struggling with what steps to take, I recommend having either your endocrinologist or your primary care physician send you for a fasting cholesterol blood test. A family member of mine experienced almost the same things you are and after months and months of nothing working that her endocrinologist was doing, she went to her primary doc for a routine physical & labs and they discovered her seriously out of whack cholesterol levels. Within a month she felt about 75% better and was back to her old self within 2 months and ALL of her blood work was in the normal range including her TSH!!
Hope this helps you! Good Luck to You!!