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From: Heatherrae1111 - 1 year 32 weeks ago

Ladies I just want to say I have been sick for over 30 yrs! I am a nurse of 19 yrs and doctors still wouldnt listen! Do yourself a favor and do not settle for having symptoms when on Synthroid! To many people including me have even though were told were fine! My doctors told me I could not try combination therapy! I was sick amd tired of being sick amd tired! I found a doctor that believed in it. We gave it a try as I believe I wasnt getting enough T3 and guess what I FEEL GREAT NOW! I have energy all my symptoms are gone! Yes ladies they are gone and I feel normal again! If the T3 doesmt work it could be something else but your doctors should not be leaving you this way! It is inhumane! Fight for your right to feel better! I'm here to help anyone who has questions! You can find me on Facebook under
Heather Rae Downey

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