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Posted in: Thyroid Nodules.

Thyroid Surgery

From: Lantana - 11 years 4 weeks ago

I have a TT scheduled next month and I have been trying to get information on what to expect after surgery. I have a large nodule on my left side about the size of my left "wing" and 2 smaller nodules on the right side which combined are about the size of the right side. I don't have any symptoms. The FNB report stated left side negative for malignant cells and right side follicular lesion with groups of follicular cells many with microfollicle formation atypia and colloid. I have been reading a few books and websites and from what I can tell I will be sick the rest of my life due to my body not adjusting to the medication, fatigue, weight gain, depression, brain fog, tingling, weakened immune system. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope from being healthy to instantly sick all of the time? I would appreciate any input. This is really overwhelming.

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