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Correct Diagnosis- Type 1 or 2

From: LongtimeType2 - 1 year 17 weeks ago

Been diabetic for 30 yrs. Symptoms started to show fairly rapidly, at the time, was started on oral meds. Lasted 7 months with little help and then moved to insulin regimen for the last 29 yrs. With all the current testing, would the results be affected by being on insulin for so long? I realize the diagnosis has no impact on my treatment but may impact my health insurance benefits. And it's more for my knowledge as well.

C-Peptide <.1
Antipancreatic Islet Cells Neg <1:1
GAD-65 21.2


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Type 1 is completely curable. Type 2 also. It just takes time.

Cinnamon (mostly) and asparagus.

Watch your numbers stabilize within a week after consuming cinnamon every morning with your breakfast. I sprinkle some on my apple/applesauce and I buy cinnamon applesauce - heehee but still put some on it) Eat asparagus at least 3 - 4 times a week in the evening with your supper for 7 months. 7 (for 4 months) if you can do that. Sprinkle cinnamon on your asparagus and it is ideal. Try to eat earlier in the evening at least 3 - 4 hours before bed so all the food is out of your stomach before bed. Ginger helps with digestion. That also is a problem with diabetics. I eat around 5 pm and can go to bed as soon as 9 pm. Lovely.

Diet and exercise are key factors too.

Simple Calisthenics and walking help a lot.

You should get your thyroid checked because if your body is less efficient (metabolism) it will suffer needlessly. TSH, Total T4, Total T3 and Free T3 should do it. If already on medication then have them checked again but only Total T3 and Free T3.

If you need to I can explain about thyroid help more completely. Just ask.

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Have you asked your endocrinologist these same questions? I would do that FIRST ... or if no endo, ask the doctor who ordered the tests. If you've had private insurance for the last 29+ years, then you already know there have been radical changes. But how long you've had diabetes shouldn't affect your policy, unless the buffoons in our Congress decide to do something crazy (which no one can predict, especially given recent behaviors). I'm not a doctor, just a medical anthropologist and believe working with your physician(s) is your best bet ... including talking to their coding/billing manager. But given the response below about diabetes being curable, well ... the web isn't a place to get this info. Too many well-meaning but medically ignorant people out there!

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Are you a physician? Because the "advice" you give is not only incorrect but could set a person off on a life-threatening trip they may not come back from! It was my understanding that this site did not allow "cures" to be touted, especially since there is NO cure for diabetes mellitus type 1, or insulin-dependent diabetes. Sure, you can improve your health with diet and exercise but that's true for ANYTHING. Diabetes is a whole different ball of wax and unless you are a waxmaster, stay out! Diabetes, one or two, are chronic conditions in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin ... and a whole lot more! Until you become an MD, stop dispensing medical advice online. You do more damage than you think! Google Graduates are not welcome in medicine for just cause ... they kill the unknowing.

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Whom are you typing to?

I know my stuff and as for your statement that diabetes is not curable - YOU ARE VERY WRONG because it is in most cases!!!

I have proof!

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Giving medical advice online or offline if you are NOT a physician is dangerous. Diabetes Type 1 has NO known cure but it is MANAGEABLE with the proper medications. Type 2 diabetes is a differentdisease entirely but can be MANAGED with diet and exercise and often, medications.

But for ANYONE to say either have CURES is asking for problems, maybe even jail! Your "proof" is not worth considering. One hundred years of research and development takes precedence over your anecdotal evidence! Think about it: do you want to be held responsible for the death of someone who used YOUR "evidence?"

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WOW!!! How abusive!

I NEVER claimed to be a doctor and NEVER will and NEVER told anyone to stop taken their medications and NEVER will!!!

What kind of (illicit)drugs are you on?

I am definitely NOT an herbalist! Most of that nonsense is total quackery.

FACT!!!! I have met people who were diagnosed with diabetes and after discussing with them my thoughts they questioned their doctor and the doctor apologized after being proven WRONG!!!

It IS fact that a doctor MUST not draw labs immediately and deem them conclusive! Why, you ask, because it MUST be a fasting lab AFTER the patient has gone without sugar for 72 hours and completely fasted the last 12 hours. Then, 3 days later, a normal diet with a 12 hour fast just before the second blood draw and the 2 tests will be absolutely conclusive or at least closer to being accurate. It will reveal how well their body deals with sugar namely the pancreatic process.

If you don't understand what I just wrote then you are a complete idiot.