Heart Disease

The Specialist: Thyroid Disorders and Heart Health
For Sarah Akhunji, MD, getting diagnosed with a thyroid condition led to an enhanced focus on heart health and wellness ... plus it helped her become a more empathic doctor.
It's Complicated: The Relationship Between Your Heart and Hormones
Estrogen is protective in some circumstances, while testosterone may increase your risk
Your hormones play a complex role in your cardiovascular health.
Is Red Meat Bad for You? Despite the News—Experts Say YES, Less is Best
International researchers tried to make a case that eating red meat is healthy but their evidence was poor and US experts are pushing back since red meat and processed meat products raise the risks of heart disease, cancer, and other conditions.
Brain Fog After Heart Failure Improves with Walking and Brain Games
BrainHQ exercises and walking may help lessen the effects of brain fog, a form of memory loss that often occurs following heart failure.
PCOS Alone Does Not Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease
Two reproductive endocrinologists refute the commonly held belief that women with PCOS are at increased risk for heart disease; rather, it is type 2 diabetes and obesity that have a direct impact on heart health.
High HDL May Not Protect All Women Against Heart Disease
Findings from the MESA Trial call into question the beneficial effects of HDL cholesterol in reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular disease in older menopausal women.