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Talking To People About Your Diabetes And Diet
Talking about your diabetes can be a powerful way to advocate for your health.
Talking with family, friends and coworkers about how you manage your diabetes can help you to more easily advocate for your health in many social situations.
Diabetes Prevention and the Low-Glycemic Index Eating Plan
How foods with a low glycemic index can prevent and help manage diabetes
How to calculate glycemic index.
N95 Masks and the Rise of New COVID-19 Variants
Is it time to level-up and buy a N95 mask?
N95 masks, respirator masks, surgical masks, KN95 masks: Where to buy N5masks near me and how to do it ethically.
Script 2: Medication Management
Doctors discuss how to talk to patients with diabetes about medication management.
Script 3: Conducting Remote Physical Exams
Script for conducting remote physical exams using telemedicine on patients with diabetes.
Script 1: Getting Connected
Doctors discuss the best ways to help patients feel at ease while using telemedicine.
Chapter 1: The Advantages in Using Telemedicine for Diabetes Treatment
Diabetes patients stand to benefit the most from telehealth because the built-in mechanisms for reminders and medication adjustments have the potential to enhance self-management
What we can really expect from telemedicine in intensive diabetes treatment?
The Hormone Whisperer
Endocrinologist Elena Christofides MD answers all of the questions you were afraid to ask at your last checkup
All of your medical questions answered.
More or Less: Diabetes
Sustainable health changes happen when you shift the balance of what you eat and when
It's all about improving the ratio of how much food you eat that will help keep your diabetes in check, and relegating foods that can cause blood sugar spikes to smaller amounts and special occasions.
Are Silk Face Masks the New N95?
Why silk masks are the second-most protective face mask against COVID-19 after the N95