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What Type of Exercise Is Best for Reducing Obesity?
Expert information on aerobic exercise, weight training, and more — plus tips for finding a routine you’ll stick to.
What type of exercise is most effective for obesity? Experts share tips on obesity-friendly workouts and safety concerns to be aware of.
The Bariatric Diaries
Courtney Burnett decided to have bariatric surgery because she didn't want to lose mobility like her mother and sister. The cascade of changes that it caused in her life affected far more than just her weight.
How Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery changes your life.
Obesity and Inflammation: A Vicious Cycle
Does obesity cause inflammation or does inflammation lead to obesity?
Does obesity cause inflammation or does inflammation lead to obesity?
COVID-19 and Obesity
How to prepare for the Coronavirus with obesity
COVID-19 and Obesity. How to prepare for the Coronavirus with Obesity
How We Talk About Weight Matters
The words doctors use around weight impact a patient's success at losing weight—and may even save lives. So says a provocative new review of studies.
An important lesson from Obesity Care Week is how to use people-first language in medical settings when discussing weight loss.
Antibiotic Use and Obesity—Is There a Link?
New evidence suggests the possibility that repeated exposure to antibiotics may lead to obesity, especially during pregnancy and in infancy.
How to Avoid Weight Gain When Taking Antidepressant Medication
No need to worry about weight gain if you are starting a psych medication, just plan to enroll in a formal weight control program to address this concern, according to a new study.
7 Effective Ways to Achieve Healthier, Clean Eating
Researchers have identified eating nudges—ways to approach foods and meal planning—that will guide you to lowering your calorie intake while maintaining the pleasure.
Eating clean and managing weight can be done by maintaining pleasure in your food choices with smaller portions and having good ingredients always ready to pull together a meal easily.
What Does Obesity Mean for Your Health—Heart, Thyroid, Diabetes?
Adults in the US do not understand the negative effects of overweight and obesity, which increase the chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, even cancer. Even dropping 10 pounds can improve health.
5 Ways to Tame Your Food Cravings to Avoid the Inevitable Weight Gain
Weight Gain for Some: Chalk it Up to Cravings that Can Be Tamed. Experts offer 5 tips to help you avoid future food binges.
Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?
Researchers identified certain behaviors that suggest better weight loss results, which may help inform people with obesity about how well they might do after bariatric surgery.