My Type 2 Diabetes Routine

After a T2D diagnosis at 21, Mary Van Dorn was in shock. Now, she leads support groups through her coaching business, Sugar Momma Strong. She shared the daily rituals she uses to keep her blood sugar in check while juggling life as a boss and busy mom.

How diabetes influencer and coach Mary Van Dorn manages her type 2 diabetes.

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Early morning

Early morning

Group workout

“Diabetes can present some real challenges,” Mary says, such as neuropathy, joint pain, or side effects from certain medications. “We all need the accountability, so we meet for a few minutes over Zoom to start. Then we mute ourselves and do a workout.” Every Saturday, Mary uploads a new workout routine for her fellow group members and encourages them to follow along. “I have several ladies in the group who wear prosthetics, and those can't move the way a human leg does,” she says. “I offer all-inclusive workouts that have seated modifications so that people with every fitness level or diabetes complication can participate.”