Diabetes Transition Care: Video Roundtable for Primary Care Doctors

Why Is Transition Care Important in Diabetes?

Transition care for adolescents with diabetes (type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes) is a crucial topic to discuss.  Pediatricians and primary care doctors are well-positioned to take a vital role in this transition of care. How can you work with the pediatric endocrinologist and the adult endocrinologist to make this a smooth transition for the adolescent? 

In this video roundtable on transition care, diabetes experts, a PCP, and a pediatrician discuss how to approach the transition from pediatric to adult care.  They address questions such as:

  • When should a child/adolescent with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes be seen alone (to help them practice managing doctors' questions on their own)?
  • What are some resources to help the medical community manage the transition?
  • What topics should you discuss with college students heading away from home for the first time?

One of our other websites, DiabeticLifestyle, has a Guide to Transition Care in Diabetes for patients and parents; you also want to point your patients there.

In this video series:

Diabetes Transition Care: Why Is It Important? How Can the Pediatrician Help?

How can you help your patients easily transition from pediatric to adult diabetes care? Why is transition care important in diabetes? A panel of experts discusses in this video roundtable.

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