Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: How Can the PCP Reinforce Diabetes Management?

Diabetes Goals, Meal Planning, and Exercise Motivation

During a regular appointment with a patient with type 2 diabetes, what should you be addressing?  An expert panel (including a primary care doctor) discuss in this video roundtable best practices for treating the adult type 2 diabetes patient.

The panel represents a range of expertise in the diabetes field. 

  • Steven M. Armbrust, MD:  Family Practice Physician
  • Amy Hess-Fischl, MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE:  Certified Diabetes Educator at the University of Chicago Medical Center
  • David S. Oyer, MD:  Endocrinologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Chicago) and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine-Endocrinology at Northwester University Feinberg School of Medicine

Thomas DeStefani, MD moderates this diabetes video.

The expert panel offers diabetes management tips such as:

  • Check if they've been to the dentist recently
  • Ask if they've been to the podiatrist in the last year
  • Discuss weight loss if needed and talk about how it can help them meet their A1c goals
  • Always check their understanding of their diabetes goals (eg, blood glucose ranges and A1c)


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