Meeting Highlights from The Endocrine Society's 98th Annual Meeting & Expo

April 1-4, 2016
Boston Convention Center Boston, MA

The Endocrine Society celebrated its Centennial anniversary serving its members and renewing its commitment to scientific breakthroughs and clinical care.

Endocrinology Month
In recognition and celebration of 100 years of scientific breakthroughs, the Endocrine Society announced April to be Endocrinology Month. This annual observation will continue to raise awareness and appreciation of past scientific breakthroughs and inspire new research and discoveries.

"Just seeing the timeline of what's happened in endocrinology over the years gives me the sense that, although endocrinologists are humble about their achievements, they've really contributed mightily to the health we all enjoy today," said Carol H. Wysham, MD. Dr. Wysham, who is the Annual Meeting Steering Committee Chair also stated, "Understanding where we came from and where we are going is one of the greatest benefits of this meeting."

Respect the Science Campaign
"Respect the Science and Your Colleagues" is a new Endocrine Society Campaign that deals with the important issue of sharing unpublished data. "Our basic and clinical scientists want to see new, unpublished data. It's one of the things that the Endocrine Society has traditionally been excellent in providing. The only way scientists will feel comfortable with that is to make sure they are respected in the sense that people aren't taking pictures of their unpublished data," said Anthony L. McCall, MD, PhD, FACP, Vice President – Clinical Science.

MOC Point Expansion
Physician-in-Practice Chair Michael T. McDermott, MD announced that—for the first time—clinicians can earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for attending the following ENDO sessions:
•    Select Meet-the-Professor sessions
•    Clinical Practice Guideline sessions
•    Endocrine Self-Assessment Program Live sessions
•    Thyroid Ultrasound Course

Open-Access Journal to Launch Fall 2016
The Endocrine Society announced its first open-access journal would soon be available. This new peer-reviewed publication will be called Journal of the Endocrine Society (JES). The new journal will help to expedite sharing of endocrine research and breakthroughs with scientists, medical professionals, healthcare providers, and the public.


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